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Dr. Al-Harbi – En-1

“The human being” is at the center of my concerns.

As your doctor, I take your health in terms of physical as well as mental well-being into consideration and assist in addressing your complaints through experience, as well as my strong empathy.

As a general practitioner and occupational physician, I am particularly concerned with disease prevention. Through targeted advice and support provided through information and brochures, my focus is to create health awareness and to enable my patients to be more self-determined about their individual health conditions.

Health promotion and the pursuit of new knowledge is a strong driving force for my personal progress. In addition to completing a doctoral degree in Medicine, I have accomplished a post-graduate study as a Master of Public Health.

My focus as a general practitioner is based on:

  • Curative medicine: physical examination and treatment, wound management, infusions
  • Preventive medicine: check-up, mother-child-passport examinations, vaccination advice / vaccination
  • Help for recovery: cure and rehabilitation applications, care coordination

The focus of my job is the implementation of active health management.
In addition, I maintain an intensive interdisciplinary collaboration with colleagues of various specialization.