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MED ORDI 1030 – En

In our current times of evolving medical specialization, a holistic approach is often lost. It is in MED ORDI 1030 that we take this holistic approach very seriously and take into account fears, needs and patients’ complaints at heart. We listen to you and take the time to do so.

Reliability, honesty, tolerance and a very high level of respect are the core competencies and values of my team. We believe that only through a trustworthy relationship, we can help our patients and evaluate their needs.

MED ORDI 1030 is a modern, well-equipped general medical practice. We offer consultations, examinations and treatments that take place in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.

One of our goals in MED ORDI 1030 is to reduce waiting times for all patients. We have therefore developed an excellent system for our time schedules. Please schedule an appointment either by phone or by e-mail.

MED ORDI 1030 is a barrier-free clinic in accordance with BIZEPS measurement.