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Welcome to MED ORDI 1030

Dr. med. univ. Rula Al-Harbi, MPH

General Practitioner Doctor

Master of Public Health

Med Ordi 1030

In our current times of evolving medical specialization, a holistic approach is often lost. It is in MED ORDI 1030 that we take this holistic approach very seriously and take into account fears, needs and patients’ complaints at heart. We listen to you and take the time to do so.

Reliability, honesty, tolerance and a very high level of respect are the core competencies and values of my team. We believe that only through a trustworthy relationship, we can help our patients and evaluate their needs.

MED ORDI 1030 is a modern, well-equipped general medical practice. We offer consultations, examinations and treatments that take place in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.

One of our goals in MED ORDI 1030 is to reduce waiting times for all patients. We have therefore developed an excellent system for our time schedules. Please schedule an appointment either by phone or by e-mail.

MED ORDI 1030 is a barrier-free clinic in accordance with BIZEPS measurement.

Dr. Med. Univ. Rula Al-Harbi, MPH

“The human beingis at the center of my concerns.

As your doctor, I take your health in terms of physical as well as mental well-being into consideration and assist in addressing your complaints through experience, as well as my strong empathy.

As a general practitioner and occupational physician, I am particularly concerned with disease prevention. Through targeted advice and support provided through information and brochures, my focus is to create health awareness and to enable my patients to be more self-determined about their individual health conditions.

Health promotion and the pursuit of new knowledge is a strong driving force for my personal progress. In addition to completing a doctoral degree in Medicine, I have accomplished a post-graduate study as a Master of Public Health.

My focus as a general practitioner is based on:

  • Curative medicine: physical examination and treatment, wound management, infusions
  • Preventive medicine: check-up, mother-child-passport examinations, vaccination advice / vaccination
  • Help for recovery: cure and rehabilitation applications, care coordination

The focus of my job is the implementation of active health management.

In addition, I maintain an intensive interdisciplinary collaboration with colleagues of various specialization.

Work Experience:
December 2017Med-ordi 1030
2016 – present“Neunerhaus – Hilfe” for homeless people
2003 – 2021Health Consult
2000General practitioner
Various activities (2001 – 2003)
– Sanatorium Hera Physical Medicine
– In various events of the ÄKW (Senior Messe, Health Promotion Days)
Courses and further training:
2018Bandage training and certificate
2017Wound management certificate
2016Certificate in psychiatric basic skills in the medical practice
2016 – 2021DFP Diploma
2004Occupational Medicine Diploma
2001Emergency Medicine Diploma. Resuscitation & Intubation Course
School and University:
2005 – 2007Masters in Public Health Postgraduate study – Prevention and Health Promotion
1983 – 1991University of Vienna: Doctoral medicine
1982International Baccalaureate Diploma. Vienna International School
Languages:German, English, Arabic


1030, Apostelgasse 23/DAll insurance companies and
private patients
Tel.: +43 (1) 7106243
fax: +43 (1) 7106243 ext. 20E-mail:
  • Please bring your e-Card at all times
  • Please provide a valid ID in addition to the e-Card upon your first visit
  • Please schedule an appointment by phone or E-Mail
  • Home visits can be scheduled
  • We do not accept further admissions 30 minutes before scheduled closing time; however, medical emergencies will always be attended to
  • Not all services are covered by the national social insurance
  • During closing hours, please contact the National Medical Service at No. 141 or Emergency at 144



Physical examination,
Bloodtest / laboratory
Rapid tests (urinalysis, CRP, Strep A. etc.)
Blood Sugar Test,
Blood pressure measurement

Medical Examination


Infiltration therapy
Pain Management
Infusion therapy
Wound management



Surgery preparation and surgery release
Removal of stitches / Surgical staple



Health check-ups
Vaccination check & advice
Mother Child Pass
Travel medicine

Preventive medicine


Rehabilitation Applications
Pain Management
Coordination for home-care

Help for recovery


Medical Reports (School, Sports,etc.)
Travel Medicine, Vaccination advice,
Adjustment of forgein vaccination schedules,
Medical certificates for insurance companies,
Medica reports

Private service

Contact Us

Our Address
Apostelgasse 23/D
1030 Vienna
Tel.: +43 (1) 7106243fax: +43 (1) 7106243 ext. 20
Public TransportStationWalking
Underground (U3)Kardinal-Nagl-Platz (Keinergasse)6 min
Bus line 74AEslarngasse3 min
Bus line 77AApostlgasse2 min
Zur Information
Liebe Patienten, Liebe Patientinnen,
1- Aufgrund der gesetzlichen Änderungen vom 1. Jänner 2023 zum ELGA können wir Medikamente nur noch kontaktlos verordnen, sofern wir ihre E-Card einmal im Quartal stecken. VertretungspatientInnen müssen ebenfalls mit der E-Card in die Ordination kommen. (In der Folge ist eine elektronische Verordnung in Form des E-Rezeptes für 90 Tage möglich.) Die E-Card ist wieder mitzuführen und muss gesteckt werden, damit ÄrztInnen 90 Tage Zugriff auf E-Medikation und E-Befund sowie 28 Tage Zugriff auf den E-Impfpass haben.
2- Wegen der Datenschutzgrundverordnung (DSGVO) dürfen Befunde, Überweisungen und medizinische Auskünfte nicht über E-Mail versendet.
3- Die Ausstellung von Arbeitsunfähigkeit kann nur persönlich abgeholt und nicht per E-Mail versendet werden außer bei einer Covid-19 Erkrankung.
4- Die E-Mail Anfragen und Rezeptbestellungen für Dauermedikamente werden in der Regel innerhalb der folgenden zwei Arbeitstage bearbeitet. Privatrezepte und Suchtgiftrezepte können nicht mehr elektronisch verordnet werden dafür müssen sie seit 1. Jänner 2023 persönlich in die Ordination kommen.
5- Bei Notfällen außerhalb der Ordinationszeiten kontaktieren Sie umgehend den zuständigen Notdienst (Kontakte ist auf der Website aufzufinden).
Mit freundlichen Grüßen Ihr Med-ordi1030 Team